Hot Latina swallows it all in

36 Views • Oct 16, 2020
See what happens when amateur hottie Kitty Love accepts a playful yet flirty phone call with a horny guy looking for a blowjob! He asks her straight up to come over so she can suck his cock! Kitty acts shy and coy at first but when he starts waving some dollars in front of her face, all she can think about is draining his dick dry and going shopping! Kevin arrives and immediately sizes up her puffy pussy as his camera goes in close so you can see her thick lips. Both her nipples are pierced and she’s got a sexy tattoo between her knockers! Kitty gives him a rock star blowjob as she pops her wet mouth on his meat, slapping it against her tongue and slurping up and down his shaft until he cums in her mouth!
Kitty Love
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Long, crazy and edging blowjob!

Big Gun
Oct 16, 2020